Electrotechnology qualifications equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to design, maintain, install and repair electrical and electronic equipment.

Under the guidance of our expert trainers, you’ll gain hands-on practice and get set up on a sustainable pathway into work. We’ll help you learn how to install, test and fault find, and repair and maintain electrical systems and equipment in buildings and residential premises.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards your career as an electrician, check out our courses below and get started today!

Short Course
ICTSS00084Basic Open Cabler Registration Skill Set
12 months (maximum) self-paced | Fee For Service

The Basic Open Cabler Registration Skill Set is for new or existing workers in the telecommunications industry who wish to be employed as open registered cablers (Telecommunication Technician) in accordance with ACMA requirements.

Short Course
10809NATCourse in Electrician – Minimum Australian Context Gap
12 months full-time | Fee For Service (FFS)

The knowledge and skills of many overseas workers can be very high, but there are differences in the way the technical expertise needs to be applied in Australia. The Course in Electrician – Minimum Australian Context Gap (MACG) provides the Australian Context Gap training to holders of an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) and seeking to work in Australia, and is required to be completed before an Electrotechnology Electrician qualification can be granted by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and occupational licence issued.

Short Course
UEESS00174Electrical Safety Testing of Electrical Cord Connected Equipment and Cord Assemblies Skill Set
3 months self-paced | Fee For Service

This Skill Set is designed for those individuals wishing to undertake the testing, tagging and reporting of portable/handheld low voltage (LV) electrical equipment using a portable appliance tester (PAT).

Short Course
Qualified Business Person (QBP)
Up to 12 months | Fee For Service

The Qualified Business Person (QBP) short course covers the knowledge and skills to follow and comply with work health and safety regulations and codes of practices, legal requirements and industry standards within the Electrotechnology industry.

Short Course
Qualified Technical Person (QTP)
Up to 12 months | Fee For Service

The Qualified Technical Person (QTP) short course covers the knowledge and skills to follow work health and safety requirements when preparing for, conducting and reporting findings of a compliance inspection.

Short Course
Qualified Technical Person (QTP) and Qualified Business Person (QBP)
Up to 12 months | QTP/QBP

The Qualified Technical Person (QTP) and Qualified Business Person (QBP) short courses are designed for individuals who are needing to obtain their Electrical Contractors Licence in Queensland. These short courses are for individuals planning on contracting in Queensland, or are needing to renew their licence, and covers the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) requirements.

Short Course
Restricted Electrical Licence (QLD)
12 months or until Training Permit expires | Fee For Service

A Restricted Electrical Licence authorises the holder to perform electrical work of a particular type stated on their licence. This licence limits an individual to specific electrical work associated with work from another trade or calling.

Certificate II
UEE22020Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)
12 months during school year | VETiS

The Certificate II in Electrotechnology assists students in gaining the basic knowledge and skills required for the Electrotechnology industry and provides a pathway into an Electrotechnology Apprenticeship.

Certificate III
UEE33020Certificate III in Electrical Fitting
48 months full-time | User Choice

The Certificate III in Electrical Fitting is a Trade-level qualification which provides the knowledge and skills to repair, maintain, assemble, and install electrical plant and machinery.

This course can only be undertaken:

Under a formal contract of training – apprenticeship, or
As part of an upgrading from currently held Electrical mechanic licence  to have Fitter-Mechanic listed on a QLD licence – ESO Training Permit required, or
As an Exit point/Transfer from a current UEE30820 course undertaking

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