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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is an assessment process that involves making a judgment on the skills and knowledge an individual has as a result of past study and/or experience. The aim of recognition of prior learning is to recognise existing competencies without having to undertake training and assessment.

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Competency may be recognised through:

When applying for recognition of prior learning, Australian Trade Training College will provide a recognition of prior learning Candidate Kit that consists of a self-assessment questionnaire as well as comprehensive guidance for the collection of evidence that will demonstrate proficiency against each of the units of competency for which recognition of prior learning is being applied.

Students may be eligible to apply for recognition of prior learning on one or more units of competency in their training program. They should discuss this at the enrolment interview as early as possible at the commencement of the training program.

Be aware, recognition of prior learning may not be undertaken where the qualification or group of units may lead to a licenced outcome. This is determined by the licencing body, where they may not accept recognition of prior learning as a valid assessment pathway to the licence.

Where a recognition of prior learning application has been granted, students will have a maximum of six (6) weeks to gather and submit evidence for assessment. The recognition of prior learning process will take a maximum of 12 weeks from enrolment to completion. This is made up of six (6) weeks for the recognition of prior learning Candidate to gather and provide evidence and six (6) weeks for the assessor to complete the assessment process.

For further information regarding recognition of prior learning, please contact us via [email protected].

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