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Construct your trade-qualified career through our plumbing trade qualifications, and learn in-demand skills needed to work on residential or commercial construction, or you can even start your own business. 

Our plumbing qualifications, led by expert trainers, will teach you to safely and expertly perform the full range of plumbing services such as assembling, installing and maintaining water services, sanitary plumbing and drainage, gas and mechanical services.

We also offer a specialist roof plumbing qualification which gives you expertise in installing downpipes, rainwater tanks and gutters on both commercial and residential buildings. Learn more about this qualification here.

General and specialised plumbers are always in demand — so get your start in a rewarding career with us, today.

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Certificate II
11054NATCertificate II in Plumbing Services
18 months during school year | VETiS

The Certificate II in Plumbing Services is an ideal qualification as a pathway into a Plumbing Apprenticeship and will assist students in gaining the basic knowledge and skills required for the Plumbing sector.

Certificate III
CPC32420Certificate III in Plumbing
48 months full-time | User Choice

The Certificate III in Plumbing covers the knowledge and skills to assemble, install and maintain water services, sanitary plumbing and drainage, and gas, roofing and mechanical services in residential, industrial and commercial workplaces.

Certificate III
CPC32620Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
36 months full-time | User Choice

The Certificate III in Roof Plumbing provides the knowledge and skills to install roof components and drainage systems, including wall claddings, gutters, downpipes, flashings and roof sheeting, materials and insulation.

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