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Short Courses

At Australian Trade Training College we work closely with trade businesses to ensure our range of short courses are best placed to prepare you for work and further learning.

These short courses provide our learners with a recognised certification in specific workplace skill areas.

Short courses at Australian Trade Training College are offered as single units designed to fulfil specific industry needs or regulations (units of competency) and as skill sets, which are groups of units providing a more holistic industry certification in areas such as electrotechnology, food safety and alcohol service.

Skill Sets

Restricted Electrical Licence (Qld)

The Australian Trade Training College offers individuals and groups of employees, training in the specified units to obtain a restricted electrical licence in Queensland.

ICTSS00084 Basic Open Cabler Registration Skill Set

Successful completion of this skill set allows participants to apply for an ACMA Open Cabling licence.

SITSS00069 Food Safety Supervision

This skill set provides students with the skills and knowledge to work safely and hygienically when handling food.

UEESS00174 Electrical Safety Testing of Electrical Cord Connected Equipment and Cord Assemblies Skill Set

This skill set covers the testing, tagging and reporting of portable/handheld low voltage electrical equipment using a portable appliance tester (PAT).

Qualified Technical Person (QTP) and Qualified Business Person (QBP)

This course provides the required units to become a Queensland Electrical Contractor — Qualified Business Person (QBP) or Qualified Technical Person (QTP)