What Does It Cost To Study At ATTC | Australian Trade Training College


A number of factors will determine how much your course will cost such as:

  • The course you wish to study;
  • Course duration;
  • Study load and mode (full time, part time, face-to-face, online etc.);
  • Any credits that may be applied through direct credit transfer;
  • Any course funding available;
  • Your eligibility for subsidies or concessions.

Course fees will be discussed prior to enrolment with you and/or the third party (such as your employer, guardian, school etc.) who will be paying the course fees.

When do I need to pay?

Fee payment (excluding the initial enrolment application fee) will commence once a unit of competency has been started, acknowledging the learner will be progressing with the qualification with the view of completing it.

Invoices will be issued by the Accounts Department and are payable within the terms outlined on the invoice.

Funding options

You may be eligible for funding from other sources – please refer to Funding Options for details.

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