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Entry requirements

Some qualifications at Australian Trade Training College require a prerequisite for entry.

Upon commencement you may be appraised and your ability to meet any entry requirements outlined in the training program assessed.

Where you are unable to meet the entry requirements Australian Trade Training College will discuss the other options for you including the recommendation of a different qualification within your industry area or area of study that will provide entry into the higher qualification if appropriate.

Examples of prerequisites

Pre-requisites may be required for entry into a training program that you may be interested in.  Some entry requirements may relate to:

  • Previous workplace experience or completion of another qualification that is specified as a pre-requisite for the training program;
  • The completion and signing of a relevant workplace apprenticeship/traineeship training contract, with an employer;
  • Appropriate levels of language, literacy or numeracy skills appropriate for successful completion of the training program and assessment requirements;
  • Access to a relevant workplace and job-role where required competencies may be learned and practiced;
  • Access to a computer that has appropriate software and capacity to access learning and assessment materials;
  • Access to an internet connection with sufficient capacity to download course materials;
  • Access to course specific materials such as personal protective equipment (PPE), tools of trade and textbooks relevant to the training program.

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