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Trades Recognition Services (TRS)

Australian Trade Training College provides the Trades Recognition Service skills assessment.

ATTC is approved by Trades Recognition Australia to provide the Trades Recognition Service (TRS).


The objective of the Trades Recognition Service (TRS) is to determine whether applicants have the skills and experience necessary to work in Australia at the required skill level for their nominated occupation.


The TRS is a pathway for applicants seeking a skills assessment for employability and/or to access occupational licensing. The service is open to people who are in Australia who have gained their skills outside a formal apprenticeship pathway, including people who have undertaken their trade training overseas.


Successful skills assessments under the TRS may also be used for migration purposes where required by the Department of Home Affairs.


Successful applicants will receive a Trades Recognition Service Assessment Result.


Before submitting an application for TRS skills assessment, we recommend reading the full TRS Program Outline document.


Am I Eligible?

The TRS is open to applicants who:


  • are in Australia,
  • do not hold an Australian vocational education and training (VET) qualification for their trade, who seek formal recognition of their skills and experience, including applicants who undertook their trade training overseas.

TRS assessments are conducted in Australia.


During the application phase, we will have confirmed we can undertake your assessment. As part of this confirmation, ATTC will issue you with an RTO Assessment Payment Identifier Code corresponding with the service you are requesting.


This code is entered into the TRA payment facility to identify the payment you must make for your RTO assessment.

Full Program Outline

Before applying, we recommend you read the full outline document which includes eligibility criteria, costs and other key information.


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