Restricted Electrical Licence (QLD)

The Australian Trade Training College offers individuals and groups of employees, training in the specified units to obtain a restricted electrical licence in Queensland.

This licence limits an individual to specific electrical work associated with work from another trade or calling. Your need to perform this electrical work must be legitimate, just saving time or money are not good enough reasons to obtain a licence in the eyes of the regulator.

Examples of trades and callings that may be eligible for a restricted electrical work licence include:
Refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment tradespeople
Motor and armature rewinders
Electronic equipment technicians
Gas fitters
Instrumentation/process control tradespeople
Mechanical fitters

Section 44 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 describes the eligibility requirements for a restricted electrical work licence.

Who is eligible for the Restricted Electrical Licence (QLD)

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) will determine if the applicant is eligible to apply for a restricted disconnect/reconnect licence. Strict criteria exists in QLD on who are able to hold this type of licencing endorsement.

  1. The ESO will inform the applicant of specific unit codes that will be required to be undertaken and will explain the need for a ‘permit to train’ in those units they determine.
  2. If deemed eligible for the endorsement you must complete the Form 21 – Application form [link to] and pay the applicable fee. You will be sent a ‘permit to train’ containing a list of units required for endorsement.
  3. Enrolment into the training can only occur when a training permit is approved and a copy supplied to us at enrolment.
  4. The permit is for 12 months in which time all work relating to electrical connect/disconnect will be logged and countersigned by an electrician or person holding a restricted licence of the same endorsement category.
  5. After a minimum of at least 3 months of logged work experience and the successful completion of the determined units of competency, you may be able to lodge a second Form 21 application, to be issued with the actual restricted electrical licence.

How to enrol for the Restricted Electrical Licence (QLD)

To enrol in any restricted electrical program at the Australian Trade Training College, all applicants must adhere to the following process.

To undertake training in the disconnection/reconnection of

  1. Appliances,
  2. Composite appliances
  3. Control devices
  4. Water heaters
  5. Motors

requires the undertaking of specific training.

All applicants in the first instance, are to contact the Queensland Electrical Safety Office on 1300 362 128 and discuss with them the eligibility to hold one of the above endorsements and whether their personal employment requirements allow this.

Funding options

  • Fee for Service (if eligibility criteria are met)
See Funding Options

Restricted Electrical Licence (QLD) is Nationally Recognised Training.

Restricted Electrical Licence (QLD)

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