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Short Courses

At Australian Trade Training College we work closely with trade businesses to ensure our range of short courses are best placed to prepare you for work and further learning.

These short courses provide our learners with a recognised certification in specific workplace skill areas.

Short courses at Australian Trade Training College are offered as single units designed to fulfil specific industry needs or regulations (units of competency) and as skill sets, which are groups of units providing a more holistic industry certification in areas such as electrotechnology, food safety and alcohol service.

Skill Sets | Australian Trade Training College

Skill Sets

Skill sets are nationally recognised courses made up of a selection of competency units. They are designed to provide a level of training specific to an industry need or compliance requirement.

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Units of Competency | Australian Trade Training College

Units of Competency

Units of competency are nationally recognised short courses which allow learners to the develop skills specific to an industry requirement.

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